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TNPC Since its official launch at the 2010 ABC Expo, aacua by maamam is now carried by many retail channels across the United States, Canada and overseas countries. A unique patent-pending 4-in-1 bath towel, aacua has received national and international recognition through awards and editorial coverage, extracts of which are outlined below. aacua transforms bath time with babies into a more relaxing, safe and fun experience.


TNPCWhat's Hot List - It's a new approach to bath time... from baby to toddler! aacua is a functional and stylish new generation bath product that transforms bath time with your children into a more relaxing safe and fun experience! aacua has 4 practical uses: from apron, to towel, to babywrap to bathwrap. Read more...


TNPCFresh Finds - Children's brand maamam bows aacua, an innovative 4-in1 bath towel. Designed as an arpon to keep mom splash-free while bathing baby, it easily converts into a towel and then a babywrap, for keeping tots toasty post-bath, or a bathwrap for toddlers. Made out of absorbent, 100-percent cotton terry.


TNPC13 Baby Must Haves - Thanks to a duo of clever mommies, bath time just got a little easier and a lot drier! The aacua (Machine washable and made of cotton terry) performs four distinct functions: It can be worn as a splash-guarding apron, transforms into a towel, functions as a cuddly babywrap and turns into a bathwrap for toddlers.


TNPCRubber duckies and bubbles — that's how you envisioned bath time. But the reality of bathing a newborn has left you all wet. If you've spent one too many tub times with a towel clenched between your teeth, try maamam's aacua wrap. Read more...


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