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When I am wearing aacua as an apron, is it necessary to put my arms through the slits to pick up my infant?

No - putting your arms through the slits to pick up your baby is just a recommended way to do it so that you stay dry and you avoid dripping water on the floor. Plus, when you do it that way, you form a sling shaped seat for your baby that he or she will enjoy. However, if you feel more comfortable picking up your baby from the water directly without putting your arms through the slits, it is totally fine - just make sure to put the hood on quickly so that he or she doesn't get cold.

My baby is now 6 months old and when I am wearing aacua as an apron, I love to carry her directly from the water on me to dry her. However, I feel that she is too big now to put the hood on her head at that moment. How do you recommend I use aacua then?

The images below describe the specific way to position your baby (especially the legs) so that you can still put the hood on your 6-month old baby while you are wearing aacua as an apron.

aacuaStart by carrying your baby high enough.

aacuaAs you lower your baby, place her little feet up on your chest and have her bend her legs - this is a very comfortable, natural position that babies love.

aacuaPlace the hood over her head.

aacuaThen proceed to the changing area to enjoy some play time!

If you feel that your baby is getting too big for the positioning described above (typically around the age of 7-8 months) or if she is just not comfortable that way, you could place her legs on the sides and have aacua be under her legs just like the following image:


My baby is too big to be swaddled but she's not able to stand on her own yet for me to close aacua as a bathrobe. How do you recommend I use aacua then?

For babies who are too big to be swaddled, you can close aacua as a bathrobe on them while they are laying down on their back. Simply follow the toddler folding instructions. The following images illustrate these steps - just follow the colors to close the velcros!

Remove aacua from around your neck. Put her arms through the slits.


Close front snaps and velcro- just match the colored tabs!


Close collar velcros and attach underneath, again by matching the colored tabs.



Last Updated (Thursday, 16 September 2010 05:05)