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About Us

So what is maamam? The maamam concept was started by us, two moms who, a few years back, decided to take a leave from our professional careers to focus on our expanding families. As we became mothers, we realized how challenging it is to raise children and that even in this day and age, there is still a clear need for better, more functional gear to help us in the difficult tasks we face every day as parents.

"maamam" means motherly, nurturing, special.

Our main objective is to solve common problems that we encounter as parents by creating innovative, safe and practical products. We believe in superior quality by using the best materials available and excellent craftsmanship. From our manufacturing choices to our own business practices, we strive to achieve social, ethical and environmental sustainability.

Houda and Ana

Ana and Houda met over 7 years ago in San Francisco. Ana was an architect and Houda an engineer in Supply Chain Management. Once they became moms, they each decided to take a break from their professions to focus on their families.

The idea behind their first award-winning product "aacua" came about when Ana was bathing her baby son. She found herself trying to pick him up from the water while holding a towel between her teeth, so that she might be able to wrap him quickly in it without letting go. It was so uncomfortable and stressful! There must be an easier way, she thought. That's when she designed the first prototype of aacua, a hooded towel that could be worn first around her neck and then transferred and worn by her son.

However, Ana soon realized that her initial design needed more. After sharing her idea with Houda, they both realized that they could make a great team working together to give her special towel what it needs to successfully go to market. They then decided to join forces and that is how maamam was born!

Both moms were passionate about their main objective to create unique, modern, safe and functional products to solve common problems that parents encounter daily. With this in mind, aacua continued to evolve. Today, it is a patented 4-in-1 apron, towel, baby-wrap and bath-wrap; and has been recognized as the most innovative bath towel on the market winning numerous awards. From newborn to toddler, aacua makes bath time a relaxing, safe and fun experience!

To complement aacua and keeping the criteria of superior materials (100% US cotton and 100% organically grown cotton certified to the OE-100 standard) and excellent craftsmanship, they designed and created haarbib and laavo. haarbib, is a multi-use, over the shoulder mini towel that keeps babies and toddlers, children and furniture dry and protected from wet hair and stains. laavo, as cute as it is practical, is the perfect absorbent cloth that can be used at home and in the diaper bag for any washing, drying or wiping needs. Realizing how nursing can be challenging too, naana was then developed: an all-in-one, double-sided burping cloth and compact nursing cover.

Responding to the demand and recognizing that the line is perfect for gift-giving, maamam now offers "the baby bundle": aacua, naana and laavo combined together make up the basics of what parents need every day to bathe, nurse and care.

Based in San Francisco, maamam's mission and goal continues to be to create unique, one-of-a-kind products that are practical, safe and that ease the life of the modern day family. From manufacturing choices to business practices, Ana and Houda strive to achieve social, ethical and environmental sustainability.

Welcome to the world of maamam!